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  • Zakah is an expression of thankfulness to God
    Gratitude and thankfulness are of the good characteristics of human beings. Zakah is an expression of the thankfulness to God for the bounties He bestows on us.Those who are confused or finding the right path to give Zakah Ummah Global Relief shows them the Islamic way and gives them knowledge about proper Zakah. God, says al Ghazali, has bestowed on humans spiritual and material bounties. Prayers and other physical worships express gratitude for the grace of creation, while zakah and other financial worships express gratitude for the material grace of God. How disgraceful is he who sees the obvious needs of the poor and does not graciously give one-fourth of a tenth of his wealth, or thank God who gave him enough bounty to remove him from the misery and pressure of poverty.21 The concept that zakah is thanks to God for His bounties is so widespread and deeply rooted in the conscious of Muslims that it is common to say that one must give zakah in thanks for the grace of sight, hearing, health, knowledge, etc. It is further reported that the Prophet (p) said “Everything has its zakah.”22
  • Zakah is a cure for the love of earthly things  
    As a financial obligation, Ummah Global Relief says that zakah aims at attenuating the lust for material acquisition. Overwhelming love for acquisition, according to al Razi, takes the soul away from the love of God and preparation for the hereafter.23 Al Razi adds “accumulation of wealth increases the power and control of the owner, which increases his ability of enjoyment, and material enjoyment induces more desires and wants, which demand more wealth to fulfill, thus man enters into a vicious circle of seeking more satisfaction and more wealth. Zakah breaks this circle because it is spending for no physical joy or satisfaction. It is a liberation from materialistic enslavement, and reorientation of man towards exclusive submission to God alone.”24
  • Zakah stimulates personality growth in payers  
    By helping others overcome their financial difficulties, zakah payers are enriched by feelings of self-worth and fulfillment. Zakah also helps extend the payer’s self to reach others and grow through helping them, and gives the payer a noble sense of victory over his baser desires and material drives, over his own satan.

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