Ummah Global Relief was set up after the initial initiative of Mr. Abdul Adam to personally deliver his donation to the poor, needy and widowed women in Valan, India. The reality of the harsh conditions in the everyday life of many widows and their children in the Region, and the lack of available help and opportunities, inspired Mr. Adam to set up a charitable organisation upon his return to the UK. Ummah Global Relief was then formed and launched as a charitable organisation, registered with the Charities Commission, on 9 December 2009.

From a lone donor in 2009, over a couple of thousand have since signed up to join Mr. Adam’s cause when Ummah Global Relief was launched. To date, thousands of people, families, widows and orphans benefitted from the projects and programmes we’ve implemented over the past 3 years. Creating a BETTER GLOBAL UMMAH – by improving the wellbeing of humanity, providing opportunities for women and the disabled and a better knowledge of Islam for Muslims and non-Muslims – is the primary goal of Ummah Global Relief.

Programmes and projects Ummah Global Relief has implemented, so far, includes:

  • Disaster relief operations in Pakistan, Kenya, India and Jordan;
  • Feeding the poor through our Ramadan food packs and Qurbani projects in Pakistan, India and Kenya;
  • Education for orphaned children and training programmes for women in Pakistan and India;
  • Furtherance of Islam through building of mosques and sponsoring Madrasas for young girls in Pakistan and India;
  • Partnership with hospitals in India and Pakistan to provide lifesaving operations  and treatment to the very poor;
  • Adopting orphanages in India, Pakistan and Jordan;
  • Building homes for the elderly in Pakistan;
  • Widow pension in India;
  • Livelihood programmes in India and Pakistan;
  • Water pump installation in India, Pakistan, and The Gambia; and
  • Yearly Shaadi for destitute women in Pakistan and India.

Ummah Global Relief’s aim now is to expand operations to several more countries in Asia such as Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and in Sub-Saharan Africa to include Niger, Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Central African Republic, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. We’re hoping that with the continuous support and donations of our donors and patrons we’d be able to realise this noble goal.


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