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Ummah Global Relief : In his commentary on the Qur’an, the late Jamal al Din al Qasimi quotes without comment al Razi’s statement that the apparent meaning of the term is not restricted to fighters, the statement attributed by al Qaffal to some jurists, and a statement from al Taj, that every way intended for God which is good in itself is included under “for the sake of God.”27  

Ummah Global Relief

Ummah Global Relief
Ummah Global Relief

Rashid Rida, in al Manar, says: The truth is that the sake of God includes all public interests of Muslims necessary for the establishment of religion and state, not including individual interests. Thus pilgrimage is not included because it is an individual obligation required from those who can afford it, but the general establishment of the pillar of pilgrimage is included. Spending  zakah on building highways for pilgrimage and providing pilgrims with water and health services are included if there are no better uses in the way of God.”28 He continues, “The sake of God covers all legitimate public interests by which religion and state are maintained. No doubt fighting and buying weapons and spending on soldiers top this list. Fighting that is meant here is that which is done in order to make God’s word supreme on earth. A similar view is reported from Muhammad bin ‘Abd al Hakam, who includes in this share of zakah building military and charitable hospitals, roads and armies, non-commercial railroads, military airports, fortifications, and military ships. Also included are expenses of training and travelling for speakers, writers, and the like who go to the lands of unbelievers to inform them about Islam and spread the word of God. God says ‘let there be among you a group that calls for good  .  

Ummah Global Relief


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